Richard Stalley on Platonic Legislations (2017)

Richard Stalley reviews my book Platonic Legislations (2017) in The International Journal of the Platonic Tradition. "Dusenbury's ... suggestion that Plato engages in a critique of law undoubtedly offers a fresh and potentially illuminating approach to Plato's political and legal philosophy," Stalley writes, "and also raises some significant issues for the philosophy of law." He continues: "The… Continue reading Richard Stalley on Platonic Legislations (2017)

Did modern philosophy begin with an ancient joke?

From an essay I'm writing: "As Giambattista Vico maliciously points out, a proto-cogito is stated to comic effect in a Roman play, Amphitryon, in which a less-than-clever character mutters to himself: 'Yet when I think, I am equally certain that I am the same' (Sed quom cogito, equidem certo idem sum). It is certainly tempting… Continue reading Did modern philosophy begin with an ancient joke?

“Trouble in Paradise” in the Los Angeles Review of Books

"Isn’t it possible – or even, tautological – that many of us feel threatened by the idea of human-like machines precisely because they will be, in certain respects, like humans? Of course, this raises the question of what humans are like ..." In a new essay for The Philosophical Salon (Los Angeles Review of Books), Dusenbury asks… Continue reading “Trouble in Paradise” in the Los Angeles Review of Books