“The World City” – a forthcoming article on Nemesius of Emesa

Stoic philosophers in antiquity held that ‘the world … is like a city and a polity’, and that the nature of humankind is like ‘a code of civil law’ (Cicero, De Finibus III 62–67). In his late-antique text, De Natura Hominis (ca. 390 A.D.), Nemesius of Emesa rejects a number of Stoic tenets. His world… Continue reading “The World City” – a forthcoming article on Nemesius of Emesa

History of ideas Baltimore

Delighted to be giving a lecture this evening at Loyola University Maryland - on Sherlock Holmes & the cult of data, Sigmund Freud & "the rubbish-heap of observations", Winwood Reade & Victorian trans-humanism - & how it all relates to machine intelligence & the dawn of "ubiquitous capture" in 21st-century cities. Note – due to… Continue reading History of ideas Baltimore

“Here I confirm my philosophical arrogance” – Žižek

My motto for the new year comes from Slavoj Žižek - yes, Žižek - in conversation with Alain Badiou: "I am prepared to advocate my views in a democratic way; but not, however, to allow others to decide democratically what my views are - here I confirm my philosophical arrogance." - Slavoj Žižek & Alain… Continue reading “Here I confirm my philosophical arrogance” – Žižek

“Postnatural Intelligence” in First Things

I have an essay, "Postnatural Intelligence," in the new issue of First Things (Feb. 2019) - on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818), the arc of modern philosophy, & the rise of 'intelligent' technologies. "The novel’s genius is that it shows how the 'modern Prometheus' and his critics can both be right. It may be within our… Continue reading “Postnatural Intelligence” in First Things