Baltic Sea July 2018.3David Lloyd Dusenbury (MPhil, MPhil, PhD)

I am an affiliate professor in the Department of Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland, and the author of The Space of Time (2014) and Platonic Legislations (2017). I have written scholarly articles that reach from Isidore of Seville to Georges Bataille, and am writing a book this year, The Innocence of Pontius Pilate, for Hurst in London. (See the TLS essay on which it is based.) A further book manuscript, The World City, is in the final stages of review at a university press. After a decade in Europe, I am living in Washington, D.C.

Since 2014, I have conducted research with the De Wulf-Mansion Centre and Lectio at the University of Leuven. (I am now an affiliate member of both centres.) My doctoral thesis, The World City, reconstructs the cosmopolitan theory of a 4th-century philosopher-bishop, Nemesius of Emesa (now Homs, Syria). In 2017-18, I held a University Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Leuven, where I taught political philosophy and philosophy of law. I am an affiliate member of Tilburg University’s Institute for the History of International Law, and have lectured widely in Europe on topics in philosophy, law, and the history of ideas.

I write regularly for the TLS in London. My essays and criticism have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of BooksRadical Philosophy, American AffairsThe Philosophical Salon, First Things, and so on. I am finally at work, very fitfully, on my first novel.