“Trouble in Paradise” in the Los Angeles Review of Books

"Isn’t it possible – or even, tautological – that many of us feel threatened by the idea of human-like machines precisely because they will be, in certain respects, like humans? Of course, this raises the question of what humans are like ..." In a new essay for The Philosophical Salon (Los Angeles Review of Books), Dusenbury asks… Continue reading “Trouble in Paradise” in the Los Angeles Review of Books

Ancient political philosophy Cardiff

Dusenbury will give a lecture titled "The World City" at the Seventh British Patristics Conference. The conference will be held on 5-7 September 2018, hosted by Cardiff University's Centre for Late Antique Religion and Culture. Mandorla Mappa Mundi (Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford), from a vellum MS of Ranulf Higden's Polychronicon sive Historia Polycratica ... (mid-14th c.)