My debut in the culture pages of The Spectator

My review of Stuart Jeffries's new Verso book is out today in The Spectator. My critique: he reduces culture to industry, & forgets right-modernism. A shame he doesn't thematize Adorno's high-cultural ('conservative') Marxism & the Left's low-cultural turn. On a positive note: "In his 2016 book, Grand Hotel Abyss, Jeffries showed himself to be a… Continue reading My debut in the culture pages of The Spectator

“The revelation of Love”: Essay in Országút

What is it that we remember, & forget, on 25 December? The Budapest literary weekly Országút has published my brief reflection on the dating of Jesus' birth, the feast of the Unconquered Sun, & the origins of Christmas. Conclusion: "The revelation of Love bisects the world of time, so Christians believe, every day until the… Continue reading “The revelation of Love”: Essay in Országút