“Parties on the green grass”: Nabokov & the gospels

Nabokov writes about "intimations of bliss" when reading the gospels & coming across "unexpected, sunlit" phrases like "green grass". --- See Mark 6.39: "Jesus instructed them all to recline in parties (sumposia!) on the green grass (epi to chlōrō chortō)." - Vladimir Nabokov, Glory, trans. D. Nabokov (London, 2012)

Jan Patočka lecture in Vienna

Very pleased to be in Vienna this evening to give a lecture on “War & the Fate of Europe in Jan Patočka's Heretical Essays”, at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen -- & to comment, later this week, at the University of Vienna, on Martin Koci's pathbreaking book on Patočka & the Christian legacy.