“The philosophical commandment” (al-waṣiyya al-falsafiyya)

An 11th-century Syrian Christian, Abdallah ibn al-Fadl, called Jesus' injunction to love others as we love ourselves "the philosophical commandment” (al-waṣiyya al-falsafiyya). Roughly 800 years later, Immanuel Kant said the same. And I am honoured to be writing a political life of Jesus this year, for C. Hurst in London. Lodewijk Schelfhout, Christus aan het… Continue reading “The philosophical commandment” (al-waṣiyya al-falsafiyya)

Said’s definition of “Romance philology”

Surprised by Edward Said's definition of "Romance philology": "[T]he study of those literatures deriving from Latin but ideologically unintelligible without the Christian doctrine of Incarnation (and hence of the Roman Church) as well as its secular underpinning in the Holy Roman Empire."(Said's introduction to the reissue of Erich Auerbach's Mimesis (Princeton, 2003), p. xi.)