Alex Long comments on Platonic Legislations (2017)

In the new issue of Phronesis, Alex Long takes note of Platonic Legislations (2017) — a book that moves, Long says, “at breakneck speed”. Copied below:

Phronesis“In , Dusenbury considers the relationship between law and flux: as legislation is undertaken in a world of constant change, a lawgiver’s work is never done, and yet it does not for that reason lose its value. Dusenbury suggests a parallel in this respect between legislation and the unending task of philosophy. Dusenbury puts strong emphasis, with a useful outline of the evidence, on the importance of law to Plato’s political project in the  and treats the dialogue as a kind of law-code — so I recommend it particularly to anyone who still thinks that laws play no part in the construction of Callipolis. As well as the , his short book moves at breakneck speed through the  and ; the discussion of the  is particularly brief, perhaps because that dialogue has less to say about revising and updating laws.”


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